Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning and Clearing for Clogged Drains in the Ballston, NY Area

Clogged drains? We are professional drain uncloggers!

All Star Plumbing has fast friendly service and a dedication to clearing out clogged drains and slow drains in Saratoga and Schenectady County homes. No matter where you live in the area neighboring Ballston Lake, chances are that you have most likely experienced the slow running or drain clog phenomenon.

Bathroom vanity sinks exhibit a tendency to get filled with hair, soap, and toothpaste, causing clogs. Tub or shower drains are known for getting clogged with hair, which traps shampoo and soap residue. Kitchen sink drain flow gets obstructed by the accumulation of food particles and grease. Toilets these days have superior flushing technology; however, it is still possible for a toilet to clog, especially if you have little ones around that are overly generous with toilet paper or prone to “misplacing” toys and other small objects! 

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Drain Cleaning and Clearing for Clogged Drains

If pipes are the plumbing problem, we can clear or replace them.

Besides what goes down a drain, the type of drainpipe you have in your home can be the culprit. Galvanized drain piping in older homes like those in Scotia & Glenville is notorious for draining slowly and plugging completely. This is due in part to the age of the galvanized steel drain piping and the fact that the interior drain opening has been getting smaller and smaller over the past few decades.

Fittings on galvanized steel piping have very sharp turns causing a great deal of difficulty for waste trying to flow through. Newer construction in places like Clifton Park and Malta uses PVC piping, which can alleviate the gradual narrowing of the pipe over time.

We offer preventative services for drain and pipe systems.

Preventative plumbing maintenance on your drainage system can help prevent a messy backup and the need for an emergency call to a plumber for cleanings. All Star Plumbing uses a very effective cable snake that safely works its way down the drain dislodging any blockages and retrieving anything in its path.

 If you have any concerns about your pipes and drain flow, please call All Star Plumbing. We are happy to help our neighbors by coming out to evaluate your situation. Most likely, you need a little routine maintenance, but we are also prepared to make more advanced repairs if they are warranted.

We can unclog drains or replace pipes in your Saratoga and Schenectady County homes!

Our plumbing company is based out of Ballston Lake, NY, however, we do plumbing repairs, installation, unclog drains, and replace pipes every day in Saratoga and Schenectady County homes!

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Drain Cleaning and Clearing for Clogged Drains in New York
Nate was a blessing!
Nate was a blessing! We had a pretty backed up sink and with an 18 month old it’s tough being down a bathroom. Nate was able to fit us in sooner than expected, worked efficiently, and was at a VERY reasonable price! We will be calling him again with any other plumbing needs :-)
5.0 Rating!
Can't say enough good things!
Nathan and Michael were the third plumbers we had come out to fix a pipe issue. They were able to diagnose the actual issue properly and rectify the problem quickly where the others had failed. Also courteous and professional. They even wore booties over their shoes and brought cleaning supplies. Can't say enough good things about All Star Plumbing and Nathan!
5.0 Rating!
Pleasant and gave good advice!
We had a subpump fail with risk of flooding. I called and Nate answered and was willing to work us into his schedule. It needed replacing unfortunately. He was upfront with fees and did the work quickly. Was pleasant and gave good advice. He will be my go to plumber from now on. Highly recommend him.
5.0 Rating!

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