Drain Cleaning Services - When Are You In Over Your Head?

When To Call A Plumber For Drain Cleaning 

As a homeowner or property manager, you need to always pay attention to the day-to-day inner workings of your plumbing system. Prevention is the best medicine when it comes to your home’s plumbing system. Contacting a professional plumbing company near Clifton Park, NY only when you can no longer use the sink or bathroom as a result of a completely clogged drain isn’t the best approach.

Understand that your drain isn’t functioning slower or producing unpleasant odors for no reason. In most cases, a slow-flowing drain is as a result of foreign objects and substances that are clogging it up. If you smell sewage or unpleasant odors in your home, especially from your plumbing fixtures, you could be dealing with a clogged drain. Strange gurgling noises from a drain or toilet and the presence of fruit flies in your home could mean there’s a plumbing issue that needs to be addressed. 

Drain Cleaning

A clogged drain or blocked sewer can be dreadful to manage without proper equipment, experience, and expertise. Here at All Star Plumbing near Clifton Park, New York, our experienced plumbing professionals specialize in drain cleaning and know how to effectively diagnose and appropriately resolve your troubles in any room. Our goal is to ensure your drain clog or sewer problem is quickly diagnosed and effectively resolved with permanent results.

You can rely on our experienced and reliable plumbers in Clifton Park to assist you with any of your drain cleaning problems.

All Star Plumbing’s drain cleaning services include:

  • Toilets Drains
  • Kitchen Sink Drains
  • Main Sewer Lines
  • Floor Drains & Floor Sinks
  • Bathroom Sink Drains
  • Storm Drain Cleaning & Repair
  • Bathtub & Shower Drains
  •  Emergency Service

State-of-the-art Sewer Inspections & Repairs

The average homeowner doesn’t give much thought and attention to his or her home’s plumbing system unless something goes wrong. Clogged drains and blockages are a major inconvenience which is why you should get in the habit of having your drainage inspected by a professional every so often.

Whether deep in the lines running through your building’s foundation or right beneath your kitchen sink, the experienced team at our Plumbing Company in Clifton Park, NY will quickly locate the plumbing issue using our state-of-the-art video inspection technology. Over the years, All Star Plumbing has earned a reputation for being the most reliable and comprehensive professional drain cleaning service in the greater Clifton Park, NY area. We’re committed to living up to our reputation each day.


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As a top-rated plumbing company for Clifton Park, NY, we offer professional drain cleaning services you can rely on. Our plumbers are on stand-by to ensure your drain clog and sewer problem is effectively resolved. There’s no better drain cleaning service, no one more committed to your satisfaction, than All Star Plumbing.

With proper tools and state-of-the-art equipment, a master plumber standing by, and exceptional customer service, you can rest assured even the toughest of your sewer line replacements or drain clogs will be resolved quickly and efficiently.  If you think you might not be up to the task of unclogging your own drains, contact us today!

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