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All Star Plumbing For All Your Drains - Plumbing Tips and News | All Star Plumbing Blog - water-blog1All Star Plumbing is proud to announce the addition of complete cleaning services. All star now has a drain specialist on staff for all of your drain needs including main sewer lines.  We service drains in all fo Saratoga county including Clifton park and Rexford.  We also are able to care for Schenectady County customers with drain issues in Scotia, Glenville, and of course Niskayuna.  Northern Albany County is also within our drain cleaning service area so if you are in Latham o Colonie, we are more than happy to help you resolve any nasty sewer issues that you may have. 

Drains that are all moving slower than usual can be an indication of a need for drain cleaning.  You might also note that your toilets are just flushing quite vigorously the way you would expect them to.  Both of these symptoms can point to problems brewing in the main drain line. Homeowners also mention that they have gurgling or bubbling in kitchen and bathroom sinks and these issues should be investigated.

Over time, tree roots can invade several lines and cause damage to your home. The roots of the trees enter the pipes through cracks or loose joints in the drain or main sewer lines or even through defects in the lateral sewer lines of the home. These lateral lines are the responsibility of the homeowner for repair and maintenance.  Sometimes there is a low or sagging portion of the pipe in your drain line that is called a belly.  Bellies slow the flow of wastewater and sometimes cause sewer back up. Even grease can build-up enough that it causes a  sewage back-up into your basement.

It is best not to wait until your main drain line is partially or totally backed up. All Star Plumbing recommends that you call for a system inspection and routine maintenance every 18 to 20 months depending on how many people live in the home. Preventative maintenance can save you a lot of aggravation and property damage expenses in the long run. Call us today.

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